’tis milder :)

Yes.  I”m a weenie.  Weather channel is talking about the winter storm from last year and I looked back at the blog to see if that was the day we got the freezing rain / rain combo whose memory inspired me to ride the bus yesterday (but take a ride afterward ’cause the roads were clear).  Good grief, it was crappy almost every day in January!  “Snow is not ice” and I was riding the Dahon in snow.

It was also a little sadness-inducing.  Stupid governmnet was bailing out the car industry (that big poster saying “you won’t drive our shitty cars  – so we’ll take your money anyway”) … but it felt like it was worth it to be angry, especially with Inauguration Day.  Now, the country is *officially* bought and sold to big business and the “tea party” folks since nobody’s telling them what to be mad at haven’t figured out that big business is not a good government runner.

Okay, I *did* go out in the snow and do two laps at lunchtime 🙂 And there was a little bit of snow on the ground tonight.

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