considering bike boulevard out there – in Austin, somewhere… and yes, the usual comments based on simply. false. premises.   — but we have to deal with the knowledge deficits.  People really believed that War of the Worlds stuff, ya know… hopefully the powers that be will proceed like our fine Urbana council did, and recognize that some people need you to actually do the job before they believe what will happen.

So, I got here just as things started falling from the sky and turning to ice on contact (I did an extra lap around campus anyway and no, it didn’t deteriorate in 5 minutes)… guess I’ll sneak out and see how slimy it is and decide whether or not to stick the bike on the bus.  (Not likely.  I hate heavy lifting in front of people tryin’ to figure out something mechanical 😉 I really should should should practice hoisting that thing.)

Now for figuring out where to put a bike boulevard around here 🙂 🙂

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