Culture shifting…

Despite going out for 40 minutes THursday just to practice negotiating snow, and then 30 minutes on the trainer, I was on the bike early Friday morning, heading out to Parkland. Reasonably plowed, sparsely trafficked Green Street’s Sidewalk Shovelers, getting that “doesn’t happen in the car” interaction that helps the waking up process:

“Good morning!”

“Chilly day!”
“You be careful on that bike.”

…. and… there were *three* other folks on bicycles, at that hour.

North on Randolph to Church.  One too-snow-covered-to-see-license van driver felt compelled to squeeze between me and a school bus.

Crossing guard: ”Hi!  Bet it takes you twice as long in this weather, doesn’t it?”
“I know, my husband rode in today.”

And then, approaching Mattis:  “Go, Sue!  Be careful, hon, I already fell once.” (Was that you, Joe, behind all those layers?)

More people are riding (to get places, even), and more people know people who are riding.  I like the trend 🙂

The Gazelle wouldn’t let me get on the bus (or perhaps it was wondering if I’d be waiting 45 minutes during which 4 buses should have come to Parkland – a call and we were told the 9B Brown was 2 minutes away, and 15 minutes later the Grey appeared.  We saw the 9B on the way out — 2, 20… what’s a decimal point among friends?)   Yes, it was still nice to be in a huge box of steel bopping over the roads.

The right pedal is broken – bitter cold snaps pedals, it seems. I was going to pedal on out to CHampaign Cycle to see about a replacement, but that was based on a forecast that had a low of 2 above (for the airport), and the airport is still at 8 below, one under in town.

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