Plowed :)

I took the bus Just Because, you know, people shouldn’t ride in the snow an dall.

I did about 2.5 miles up and down the streets at home – started out intending to do my 3.5 mile lap, but bailed for the sidewalks (not plowed or anything, of course) a few times… but I am drawn to getting up at the crack of dawn… nay, *out* at the crack of dawn and wending my way westward.  (It’s that last 200 yards down Bradley that is the worst — except that’s busy enough so it should be just fine, only annoying to drivers for 200 yards.)  And if I leave really early, there shouldn’t be much traffic even on CHurch.  Hey, I can always do a few extra laps around campus, which *will* be decently plowed…  Um, yes, I was getting just a tad more better at riding *through* sloshery parts and just keepin on pedalin.  Perhaps I should wear lots and lots and lots of clothing so that I’m so padded…

Or perhaps sanity will prevail.  It would for sure if I hopped on the trainer right now and satisfied the exercise addiction, which is the root cause of all this – sitting on a bus and standing around a terminal is contrary to my essence. However, if I did that at this hour, I would be up ’til 11.  she tells herself.  Or not… getting out the DVD…

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