Balmy double digits

30 jumping jacks before I left did athe trick so I did an extra lap around campus and a little extra towards the end, it being a nice night and all. It was 11 by the time I got home (10 when I left) but last report was 9, so it’s not like a heat wave coming.    Balaclava is better than a scarf though, which just gets wet and freezes in shape, not the shape of my face. My little cheeks are a little dried out.

Are those strange noises thunder or snowplows?  Nothin’ on the radar… forecast for snow Thursday.  Last year plows made things okay pretty quickly.  I guess.  Looking forward to the 20’s later (it’s been moved closer, thank you!) – and putting my vote in for this being a “early winter arctic blast” followed by an el-nino induced mild period.

More interesting noises, but I’m going to turn in.

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