Kudos to CHampaign plowperson…

Yesterday I headed out to Savoy at 5:30, having done my six minutes on the trainer and piled on the layers.  I headed South on Anderson and decided to stick to Windsor.  To my delight, the bike lane was plowed… oops for a little while.  Then it wasn’t… then west of Lincoln, the rumble strip was so nicely uncovered.  I have to wonder, wasn’t that a nuisace to plow?  Would a sleepy driver not get the same “you’re on a different surface” sensation on cruncy snow?  I suspect the one driver who gave me a bit of horn wondered why I wasn’t using that nice looking stripe of white, and wonder whether the plow driver might have been thinking the same thing.

Then things got *much* better – maybe s/he figured it out?  Oops, no, I’ve just crossed into Champaign.  Except for one small clump of highly visible salt, the bike lane was plowed as if it were part of the road.

Of course, when the path went off-road, it wasn’t cleared at all. Yes, yet another reason that side paths shouldn’t be considered adequate bicycle facilities, except to the “you’re only supposed to ride when it’s convenient to drivers – get a car, man!” contingent.  THanks to that Champaign Plow Driver for going the extra lane.  CHampaign felt definitely bike-friendly to me last night.

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