Still in the chll

7 degrees now – but I really did want to go see  the art at Springer Center  and then do Wind, Water and Light for a present.  Most of what I know about art came from reading or listening about it (I’m somewhat “art blind” the way people can be “tone deaf,” but also like most people I’m educable). Both places were quite pleasant.

SIx minutes on the trainer seems to be a good number – I really picked it because I can safely call that a “mile” unless & until I get a rear-wheel speedo, ’cause I”m confident I’m “going” at least 10 mph. The changes in what pedaling feels like in those six minutes are interesting. It starts out feeling horribly uneven – as if something’s wrong with the trainer – and then smooths out a tad… and after two minutes I am feeling like I want to be done already, thank you — but then about the fourth minute the time starts moving faster, too, and right about then I can feel the veins adn arteries open up.

I didn’t get cold at all going downtown, but when I ducked out to the bank (stuck the credit card somewhere – and I prefer paying cash and letting the biz have it all instead of sending 3% to The Fat Cats anyway) and had to use the ATM, welp, the exposed skin got Really Cold Really Fast. However, 5 is different than 25, so it may still be possible to ride in the 20’s without gloves.  Since it won’t even get to 11 today, I don’t get to see if I can do a century in 11 degrees.Darn (NOT :))  I *do* want to know if tri-flow is actually a hindrance when it’s this cold.

Don’t know if I’ll get 100 by the end of Sunday but it’ll be reasonably close. I like having the trainer set up and easy to pounce on.  Now to try for a few moments of productivity…

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