Almost 2010

It’s above freezing for a little while – then it’s supposed to plummet.

Rode otu and got $0.67 for a belly full of aluminum cans at the Goat… it was so nice the Xtra told me to do the extra mile loop ’round the high school, and then it was so nice, … no, it was foggy, I wasn’t… yes, I was… I rode on up to the college and did three laps around with a few winter-intervals (as in, you’re out of shape, but you push a little ;)), and then the Xtra informed me that no, I needed to stop by CHampaign Cycle and get my trainer because I ws going to Get In Shape and the TUes-Thurs rides weren’t going to do it.  I told it that well, okay, I would get the trainer, but only because it would come in handy to hop onto it on the upcoming single digit degree days before commuting, so I could skip that three minutes with cold hands.  We’ll see who wins this one.    But then, on my way out, I was told — did he have to say it in front of the Xtra ?!? — that Larry’s planning to do 100 miles tomorrow.  And I checked – last year I did about 33 miles on 1/1 – 5.5 at night and hten 27 in the day. And I’d threatened to do a century at 11 degrees (yea, I think I was riding the Xtra last time it was 11 degrees, too, when it made me say that).  And it’s not as if I could get any shopping done.

We’ll see! Tomorrow is another day 🙂 Right now it’s time to make COOKIES.


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