Brisk and breezy

went to the hardware store to replace the reflecting pan on the stove where I’d gone off for a ride and left the teapot on high… and went out to Old Church on the Gazelle, into the headwinds… there was a pretty big ol’ ice stretch.  I coasted on it a bit, think I might have tried to pedal and figured this was probably easier than any of five of the nastiest commutes from last year, but it’s all what’s in your mind, and I let the wind guide me rightly ’til I saw enough grass under the ice beneath me to know I was far enough right to be off the road and put my (happily booted) foot down, having brief imaginings of breaking through and going into a body-sized frigid puddle of slop.  (THank you, Sierra Trading Post, for the deal of the day and Keen for making size 8s that fit :))  A car was comin’ anyway…  and I walked on ’til it was pavement again.  Considered using that stretch to practice riding on ice… and figgered there were closer patches of ice at home.

Dropped the pans at the house and went back to do the rest of the shopping, and rode over the icy patch on purpose — but, it’s really not the same iwthout the 20 mph cross wind, ’cause the bike just cruised over it. Still didn’t feel like I could have done it without the studly tires.

Mary Cliff liked my link to ROlling Downard 🙂   It’s had 40 views, and I know 2 of ’em personally.


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