Rain, rain, go…

Go… do what you are going to do 🙂

It’s 44 degrees out there !  HOld off the cold stuff…  ‘cept I can hear lots of wind, too.  Lots of people at church – last three years, though, it’s either been single digit temps or freezing rain or snow… this stuff is only a nuisance if you’re doing something silly like walking or riding your bike in it.

And 40 something degrees? yea, I’ll ride happily.  THat’s a lot of degrees.  I got my big girl rubber pants on 😛 (you can get ’em at sierra trading post too)

Have to find my Christmas since I can’t get WHFS (‘are you listening?’ 4853 Cordell avenue, )  and didn’t get much of Mary Cliff … but I did sing Rolling Downard on the way… hope Mary finds a way to find the music… I found it! (embedding disabled on request, I wonder why)

Rolling downward, through the midnight,
Comes a glorious burst of heav’nly song;
’Tis a chorus full of sweetness—
And the singers are an angel throng.

“Glory! glory in the highest!
On the earth goodwill and peace to men!”
Down the ages send the echo;
Let the glad earth shout again!
Wondering shepherds see the glory,
Hear the word the shining ones declare;
At the manger fall in worship,
While the music fills the quivering air.
Christ the Savior, God’s Anointed,
Comes to earth our fearful debt to pay—
Man of sorrows, and rejected,
Lamb of God, that takes our sin away.

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