Drizzly day in the neighborhood

My new green jacket is close enough to water resistant for me.  Probably not going to last for too many washings ’cause I think it’s a regular soft fabric with a coating, but I was toasty in the 40 and raining stuff going out to Walgreens for batteries and their version of Emergen-C ’cause those go with the presents for tomorrow.

Saw Bill Gray at the store, and he inquired about the guy in the pickup truck at Anderson and Florida, yea, that guy who just started pulling out on me when I was in the middle of hte intersection, then stopped.  But yes, he agreed when I said I thought the guy just didn’t see me at all (as opposed to his wife having just yelled at him or something).

Those are “the more of us who are out here, the safer we are” situations.  I’ve made a cognitive imprint on him and if he’s wired normally, he’s more likely to see the next riders at intersections.  It’s a big ol’ clear intersection — this was definitely a “not in my search image repertoire” blindness.  Yea, I’d probably have been seen if it were night, with the CHristmas lights.  So, hopefully his “search image” gallery has increased…

Okay, the teapot I went off and left to boil dry is still making noise out there, but it might have cooled enough to be dealt with…

… wow.  that copper plating on the bottom … I guess that’s what the black, charred stuff is sitting on the burner…

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