better than east coast :)

Yea, we’re getting snow… sort of.  It’s 31 going on 35 degrees — most surfaces are warm enough for stuff to melt.  Mailed the bills (except the one I forgot) on hte Gazelle but it was not needed, really, so switched to the Xtra.  THanks to the inside training rides Tue & Thurs at Champaign CYcle (lovely male to female ratio of 6 to one ;)) I remembered there was this thing called pedaling faster, and that I used to do it a lot more, back when the bicycle thing was still just a tad novel and not the thing you sat on to go somewhere, and that sixtysecond pedal-hards are fun (they’re not sprint threshold — I’m not wired for that without provocation — but kicking things into “this will get you tired in fifteen seconds” and then sustaining it for longer).  However, since I’ve only ridden about 8 miles, it’s not the stuff of getting in shape.

Kinfolks back east are getting A Big Storm From The Gulf, and one that is Lasting A While.  Looks like it’s almost done, though.   I looked back at last year’s log and boy, was the weather here crappy! Read my musing that since I have a deadicated snowbike in the Gazelle, I prob’ly should have gotten Truly Studly Tyres for the Crappier Conditions.  Not sure… in between days are still probably what we get most of.  *Two* dedicated stud bikes is a little much  — but then, studs for the Dahon would not be the removal project that they present on the Gazelle. Also need to scout out where I can get a replacement chain guard.  Found places that sell the bikes here, but no mention of parts.

Oh… and I haven’t heard anything from CUMTD — last time I made a complaint (buzzed rather badly coming out of Parkland), I got a form letter — but it was snail mail, so perhaps it’s on its way.

Oh!  Stopped at CHmpaign CYcle yesterday and took the LED Busch-Muller light for a test ride.  I do like it.  It’s pricier than halogen … I decided my goal is to burn out the light bulb 🙂 I’ll officially purchase it Mon or Tues.

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