warm spell :)

WOuldn’t call it Indian Summer — hmmm… if it’s an extension of fall into winter, can I call it … F. Nick Fall?  (Insert ethnic group of your choice…)  Big Fat Forty Degrees , tho’ it will drop this evening back to mild frigidity.

A little quieter already what with finals week.

Hope I didn’t annoy the bus driver on Church today… I  was on its right at the State Street light, but visible, and with a full lane for a million miles (okay, 50 yards) in front of me.  Hanging back behind a bus has its own hazards (tho’ not so much there because State is one way, so nobody’s going to cut left as soon as that bus is out of the way).  Timing is everything, and I was a little late today so that was the only bus I saw.


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