Good news but bus buzzes

The bike lane plan that removes the parking goes to the next level, as the traffic commission folks voted unanimously to recommend it to City Council.

HEre’s the report I sent to CUMTD this morning. I interact with bus drivers every day, and at least a few times a week directly, and it’s generally a positive thing.  Even this morning, at Race & Illinois, we had a “both at the same time at the 4-way” and the bus driver waved me through…   when a different one was picking up passengers in front of me, I figured thatwas a good time to pull over and adjust my seat, ’cause I’m on the Dahon and I’d put it back at Krannert last night a little low, so there was no conflict.

As I rode on Church and approached a bus stop between Prospect and Mattis, a bus approached behind me & its passenger stepped forward.  However, the bus did not slow to pull in behind me.  Instead, the passenger, myself and the bus were all there simultaneously and the bus driver passed me quite closely,  pulled in front of me and came to a quick stop, in front of the bus stop (perhaps a car length ahead).
I passed the bus while it loaded, and then the bus passed me (leaving ample room, but as no cars were parked for the next quarter mile I was in that part of the road).
I noted the bus number but hadn’t gotten the route, and the Grey 7W and a Blue bus passed me without incident.
I turned North on Country Fair and noticed another bus behind me,  as the road narrowed at the railroad tracks.  I’m not sure how closely the driver would have come had he not slowed for the tracks, but I can tell you I sped up.  He buzzed by me — as in, closer than 3 feet — and I noted it was the same bus that had narrowly missed me at the bus stop.
Just because my bicycle is small doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Lesson re-learned — yea, even when there are no cars in the parking lane for the next quarter mile, and traffic is sparse,  so it woudl seem to make sense to let vehicles have the traffic lane (the “party parking” concept),  if it’s a bus I’m going to get my backside out there.  Then, the driver would have had to slow down or go further out to get around.  Apologies to those who lose a second or two, but we can all get to work toghether, eh?

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