Beat the temp already :)

Not often have I ridden more miles than the temp by 8 a.m. but since it was 7 when I took off this a.m., *and* I had to swing by Meijer sot he ride was 10.3 miles, it’s a done deal.

The Pearl Izumi AmPhib tights are sweet — the insulation packed up front where it matters.  I re-wore the somewhat stinky performance top on the base layer on the grounds that nobody will know because there are three layers over it.  Oops, now you know.  Don’t tell.   Decided against ski goggles, so my cheeks were chilly (the ones on my face, thank you) – will see if I can find my lotion which would have taken care of it.  Did some jumping jacks before I left and it worked – hands never got cold.  On the westbound final stretch on Bradley, the cold was coming through the gloves as it hadn’t the whole trip, but that could have been ’cause I was out in the open and going directly into the 17 mph winds.  It was a nice contrast from yesterday, when I could really only make forward progress when the traffic was going by and blocking the winds.  I could have tossed my orange coat on top of everything if it had been really cold.

Happily, this is supposed to be short lived.  The Gazelle is at the bike shop (will do some exploring for replacement parts fot eh chainguard if I have time today), and yes, I was definitely less comfortable doing the wait-for-the-bus thing than the get-on-your-bike-and-ride thing, and yes, it’s faster on the bike.  (Today there was no choice, really, since I’m also singing at Krannert tongiht and have to sprint over there from work.)

The same fellow who breezed by me yesterday on Church did the same today while I was stopped tossing a trash can lid off the road and considering that trash can plastic is about right for a DIY replacement for the busted part of the Gazelle’s chain cover. Wonder how warm it would have to get to be pliable.  Pretty sure 7 isn’t it.

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