4got 2 mntn: Champaign could use some work…

Tuesday & today were little reminders of why cyclists often make litle surprised gagging sounds when someone says “and CHampaign wants to get a “bicycle friendly community” award.  I went from Parkland to El Toro … no, the alleys don’t gothrough so it’s Jingle Bells, Springfield all the way. No sidewalks, no bicycle parking – oh, a hand-painted indicator in the parking lot that you cn get out that way to the multi-use path (the one with the “cute” circles in it to  discourage speeds over 8 mph).

Today I dropped teh Gazelle off and talked light replacements.  Then I went out to get the bus — no sidewalks on SPringfield to get to the bus stop, either.  Guess you’re supposed to get your driver friends to drop you off. Bus stop near Village Inn Pizza – another place without bikeparking.

THinking tomorrow will be a folding bke day – the xtra catches a *lot* of wind, even when the tree is already leaning down.  The folder’s fat tyres kinda like scooting along and it’s not too icy. (I sitll  just might get studs for ’em.)

Oh, and I’m totally tired — exactly the tired that happens if I haven’t ridden enough.

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