at the coop…

Gazed at the little nut holding the fender. Walked to the wall where the wrenches hang. Asked “what size?” and gazed with the usual abject lack of success at visual matching.. but then a voice from the memory mind said “TEN.” Well, that’s silly. Grabbed 10 & 12. It was a ten 🙂

I was amazed and amused, and then recalled that yes, in the not too distant past I’d done something with a nut that need a 10 mm wrench, and I’d gazed upon it and did the “symbol imagery snapshot” attempt and recited to myself “that’s what a 10 looks like.”  Good grief, I had no idea that it would **work!**

Did forget to check gears, and no, it doesn’t shift.  Cleared the spiders and webs and eggs and food from the rear hub… lubed a spot or two… successfully (!!!)  bent the whacked around fender arms back into shape.  Managed to get the tools back where they belonged, duly noting that it would simply be impossible in my own dwelling — too many distractors in exactly where visual cues *beg* you to Put The Tool Back Now.  (Tools are everywhere, and organized.  This is not the nature of my dwelling. Books are everywhere. Socks are everywhere.)

Also forgot to pump up the tyre which prob’ly has 14 psi.  Recalled why I never get cold riding it ’cause with those studly tyres it’s hard work.

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