Lather on :)

Left with “enough time” this morning… which meant that with a big fat headwind and a tree on the back of the bike, I had to work rather hard from time to time.  Alas, I do need to snug up the inner tubes holding the tree on, and perhaps add a little more gorilla tape.  I’m wondering if that knot I learned from the art of manliness site woudl be a good option… anyway, if I were a horse I’d be lathered.  (All who saw the title as “later on” – didja “learn” to read with whole language?)

Have 8400 miles on the year and will peek and see if I made it to 9000 last year.  I do know the weather went from borderline to dreadful.  Right now it’s only chilly.  Definitely saw some Flurries Amongst THe Droplets last night, but in that traditional nothing to worry about way.

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