can’t sleep … where’s my rewind button on today?

… today was a day of haunting faces.  The first one was only slightly so and I’m not sure legitimately haunting.  Weeks or even months ago a lady in front of me was honked at for being in the middle of the left/straight lane on Washington at the four way at VIne.  I commiserated with her in passing.  This morning I thnk it was her again, approaching me on Washington as I was getting on it from Anderson… on the wrong side, and then getting on the sidewalk, and her face spoke of complete tension and a desire to be anywhere else but navigating on a bicycle.  I said Good Morning but I honestly don’t think she was having one. I pondered how much of her attitude was under her control… and whether or not better infrastructure or bicycle education would have a salutary effect on her morning commute…  she could have simply decided she’d rather cross as a pedestrian and was perfectly happy to do so.

I got home a little earlier than usual and a door to door caller informed me that she was trying to et a $500 scholarship and just needed me to fork over ten bucks for the News Gazette.   Dudes, I so do not do door to door sales people… I groped for words and said something to that effect and that  this was not a charity I chose to participate in.  She looked crushed and went away.

I can be (and am) completely disgusted that the News-Gazette does this.  However, that doesnt’ change a thing for that young lady so I have senst a comment to their circulation desk pertaining to it, to the effect taht I’d like to talk to her again.  If somebody told me I was a charity they didn’t participate in… ick… where’s my rewind button?   I have crushed.    I could sleep better if I knew that there were perfectly good jobs for her to go out and get and pay for college… or if I even thought that she was getting prepared for an education that could get her into a good job with a living wage… in this America?  Not a given.   I want to ask her what the News Gazette is paying her for selling their newspaper.  (I inquired in my comment, as well.)

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