Red Detour

Dropped the car off at Enterprise and hopped the folder in to work.  Last year that was done with ice happening, and I know I went in just fine but that might have been the monday that I accepted a ride home after dumping in th3e  campus road.  We’re not supposed to get anything like nasty stuff ’til Wednesday – and right now it’s just “flurries.”  We’ll see — gonna put taht studly wheel on the Gazelle tonight or tomorrow.

I made the tactical error of stating that going E-W was better thanN-S because I could pretty much count on it being a smooth ride and if something did happen there were parallel roads.  Welp, I spent much more time than usual on those parallel roads, and they tended to be choked and crowded.  One town had them labeled “black detour,” “red detour,” and “orange detour.”   If it were slower here I’d google and figure that mess out, but I think I can safely infer that congestion and impassibility is accepted to the point of signage.  I wonder just how much idling happens and *really* wonder why a few smart alecks don’t take bicycles and show ’em hwo much easier and faster it would be to get by with one.

‘Tis advent now — pre-Christmas.  My “hallowe’en” lights – purple- are liturgically correct 🙂   I pondered the difference between “waiting” and “preparing,” given that having been a Child  of No Patience, my strategy for waiting was to get distracted enough to forget what I was waiting for and then be pleasantly surprised.  (My father had always responded to “I can’t wait for …!”  with “Then don’t!”  — of course, without further discourse.)  Tha’ts for another blog, somewhere (shall I send a “guest blog to Sister Alma Rose Has the Last WOrd?”)

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