FLAB sighting!

Tossed a few hundred cans into the Xtra and left with enough time to Goat them (feed theminto the machine that spits out quarters for your cans at half the rate of the ‘real’ recycler, but it’s convenient).   I think this is the Maximal Traffic Window at the assorted schools which I pass along the way.

Since I *was* kinda hovering to the right, I went a block further North rather than hurl myself into traffic to take left on Oregon going West.  California is, in fact, no easier than Oregon for getting across LIncoln.  Whilst I waited, who should I see but Mr. FLAB!  Tootling down Lincoln in Proper Lane Position (it didn’t strike me as “Full Lane Arterial BIcycling – FLAB — more like “proper lane position arterial bicycling” but PLPAP sounds like a procedure done on private organs best discussed with intimates only).  Still, it would certainly be considered “the middle of the road!!!” by many people including cyclists (hmmm… will try to find if I posted about that special one who emailed me…) since he wasn’t gutter hopping.

A kind motorist waved me across (and it wouldn’t have endangered me, even ;)) and I tooled across town.  Crossing Prospect, I look to my right and — there he is again at Prospect & Green.  Now, hauling a tree and everything, I wasn’t going as quickly – but it was good to show that the two routes are comparable.  (Now, that guerrilla rider who streaked by me and bobbed and weaved would probably have beaten both of us, but alleycat’s not our goal.)

There’s still that obvious issue, though, that many (prob’ly most) cyclists simply aren’t ready to handle arterials and may well regard films of the same as riders in a different category — and proof that what we suggest for riding doesn’t apply to them, because we are simply more fearless and reckless and don’t mind endangering ourselves.

This made me wonder if, perhaps, putting “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” on the roads where we pretty much *have* to isn’t actually a good idea.  I’d been thinking that it would suggest taht “yea, *here* you may, but not anywhere else.”  If, in fact, even on Anderson cyclists don’t *think* they should, then we might just want to get ’em used to the concept.  Still pondering.

2 responses to “FLAB sighting!

  1. The problem is that maybe cyclists who maybe shouldn’t really use those roads might be encouraged to use those roads if there’s a BMUFL sign? Is that what you’re saying?

  2. Nope, I’m saying people will think they *should* be gutter bunnies unless told otherwise. Those of us who do ride out there are “different” (i.e., foolish and reckless).

    The guy in teh sheriff car who followed Mr. Flab said (when he called to inquire what his impression was) that he figured him for a professional bike rider and that he knew what he was doing.

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