Sunny Day!

Put David and Cindy’s Tandem in my garage for hte winter.

This past two weeks I’ve been reaping the benefits of last winters horrendous length and severity.  I get up and put on the two layers and get to stop there, and I walk outside and get this thrill because gosh, exposed skin is not hurting.  I don’t even get cold before I’m really, thoroughly warm and fuzzy… okay, it’s the ol’ clinical euphoria kicking in but I’m not going to complain.

Next week, however, it’s supposed to Actually Get Cold — but, happily, I have the weekend to root and snurfle through the closets and debris and find those Other Layers.  Mebbe order up some more amphib tights.  Found some incredible gore-tex winter pants on Sierra Trading Post … completely tacky camouflage… but, alas, only in XXL.  Were I more creative, I should get ’em and trim ’em and do something with all that excess gore-tex.

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