cranksgiving is on ;)

Saturday at the Bike Coop, 1 p.m. be there 😉

Stephen King telling storm stories on the Weather Channel?  No, it’s not going to make me get a TV, but I like the concept.

Cleared tinsel from hub.  Still can’t tell if there’s something else goin’ on.  Could just be the lumpy front tire which I should try to re-seat again.

Yo!  Try to stay above water on the east coast, dudes!


2 responses to “cranksgiving is on ;)

  1. Is cranksgiving a alleycat or ride or what? Thanks, love yer work.

    • It’s an informal alleycat food drive. You get a card directing you to go to assorted parts of town to get assorted types of food for the Illinois Food Bank. Last year we had 41 riders and 600 pounds of food — I b’lieve the publicity & sponsorship are done to a higher degree this year so it could be significantly better. (Note to self: go early & lend hand if applicable.)

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