Peachy Indian Summer

that ol’ whinin’ weatherman was sortof dissin’ the idea of calling this warm weekend “Indian Summer,” since — rightly stated — we only barely barely had a freeze.  It is blissful, nonetheless, and I rode lots.  Alas, ‘way behind nanowrimo wise, but it is a wrongness to stay inside on a 70 degree November day.  On the morrow I shall cast my glance back at last November to see when things got nasty, whcih they did. 249-mile week 🙂  Not much chance for repeat because it’s “meeting season” but today I even rode fast for a goodly chunk of time, and fast enough to Improve Fitness, which can be hard to do in flogging November. (And yes, I have more November miles than my rabbits — I’ve already caught WilE Coyote; playing back and forth with NEVERSTANDFRED and still have the LCOLONELROLLIN in my sight… )

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