More Nice Weather ;)

Got out 3 minutes later than I wanted… thought I could make it up but Riding Really Hard, but felt like something was dragging.  Realized that in Keeping Priorities Straight (as in, showing up to work on time is more important than mileage ;))  I needed to cut it short so I went in on Duncan instead of Rising.  Staley might have been nicer but the last mile before campus would be yukky regardless. Figured out what was dragging at Springfield & Duncan — left the light on.   I *do* expect to gain a little on my rabbits (WilE Coyote — 187 and shrinnkin’ fast! NEVERSTANDFRED (13.2 – was ahead of him last week, adn today’s ride might scoot by again), lcolonesrollin (263.6 – he keeps runnin’ but it’s a tortoise and hare thing, and this turtle keeps goin :)), cecilanne (525.7 – yea, a long way ahead, but I like at least one lofty goal ;))  and Howard Plus Indoor Miles – whatever that is!) .

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