Culture mash ;)

Oh, it’s a little weird to see — yea, I’m watching TELEVISION at a friend’s house — Philo on the Telly on Home Makeover.  It’s. So. Philo. (and so manipulated…)

Had a good ride this afternoon – little bit windy and I went out expecting to do a dozen miles and crawl back and resign myself to oh, letting LTCOLONELSROLLIN get ahead of me even further…  but it wasn’t *that* windy adn I was on the Trek so I went for a sub 15 minute four-miler and got it easily (14:30 even).  THen two more laps around the horse farm and back. 60 degrees is NICE 🙂 🙂 🙂 … so I ended up with 33 miles (and the commute to curch, and whatever else happens on the way home from here).

2 responses to “Culture mash ;)

  1. Huh? Somebody in Philo on TV?

    The most hideous house I’ve seen in my life was in Philo, IL. The walls that weren’t covered in mirror tiles were a horrible mix of garish bright red and yellow. It was pretty bad.

  2. Philo was where Extreme HOme Makeover built a house for the folks who run Salt and Light, a food ministry. I rode out there & rode past their security, methinks ’cause I looked too much like crew on the Xtracycle.

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