*^&* understatement of the day

From the NEws-Gazeoo, about last night’s Champaign Council Meeting:  “Albert Carrington III of 601 E. Columbia St., C, the father of 15-year-old Kiwane Carrington, who died as a result of the struggle with police on Oct. 9, said, ‘This hurts me. I think the police should have acted differently.’ ”

And speaking of Champaign, the Safe Haven community will be moving to Restoration Ministries. Would it seem that Those In Power in Champaign would much prefer that Certain Kinds of People just BE SOMEWHERE ELSE?  (Kinda like wanting cyclists to be as close to the curb and out of the way as possible…)

Rode by pack of pall malls on the weekend, and pondered that “pell mell” has fallen into disuse and vowed to begin to reincorporate it into my lexicon — and got an email with it this morning.

Yesterday I was cruising home on State and wondering why the drivers were not giving me the deference I’m accustomed to and clearing my lane from a quarter mile back.  THey weren’t buzzing me or anything… then I remembered I’d stopped at the store… and no, hadn’t turned on the amber blazer; it was just my lil’ flash flag.Reminded me how much impact my behaviors have on whether other drivers are “nice” and “good drivers” or not 😉

Saw the so-called “funniest dui ever” video — expected, from the title, an unamusing view of drunken stupidity.  Rather, it was an officer pulling over a man who, despite being obviously in a pleasantly altered state, had the verbal dexterity and physical balance to perform all tasks presented.  Untold moments were edited out as we saw the officer escalate the tasks and the man (ego engaged, one might think) responded enthusiastically… and then escalated himself with suggestions for improving the dances she described.  “You’re very good — you a dancer?”  “No, I’m just drunk!”
I hope the edited portions were simply dull, not disillusioning – for this certainly looked like “creative nonviolent confrontation.”

7 responses to “*^&* understatement of the day

  1. Was the boy involved in the robbery of the store? If he was robbing the store and resisting arrest then he can expect to have force used against him. I’m not condoning the shooting, just saying that these kids can’t cry foul when they are committing crimes. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the story.

  2. No robbery *at all.* It was a home, a home in fact where the young man was welcome – but apparently the neighbor who phoned the police wasn’t aware of that.

    I’ve noticed lots of people are very, very willing to assume and grope for a way to blame the kid. One letter to the editor said it was his fault ’cause he should have been in school — except he didn’t have school, it was a teacher conference day.

    THe kid was unarmed.

    And yes, I wonder if people woudl look so hard for a reason to blame the kiddo if he were white. Okay, I don’t *really* wonder.

  3. … oh, yea… and if this kid got shot under these circumstances, just to state what *should* be obvious but isn’t — it’s just like when we only believe the driver (especially if the cyclist is dead) about how bicycle riders were riding irresponsibly. How many other times when it hasn’t been this clear have people been harrassed, injured or killed — and we assume that they deserved it? We assume the person “crying foul” is wrong because we so desperately want our enforcers to be right.

  4. I wasn’t immediately laying blame on the boy, that’s why I asked the question about robbery. I thought the article mentioned that the officers were dispatched to a robbery. If he was not involved in a crime then I see this as a completely different story. Race did not matter to me, I was just simply wanting to know if there was a crime committed and if he was involved. Our city has had several marginal taser uses lately and each time the cops have been cleared. The last one I immediately thought the young man was in the right and cops in the wrong but after seeing the video it was obvious the kid would not comply and was out of line with the police.
    A few weeks ago I was assaulted while riding my bike and I’ve had more than one person ask “where you holding up traffic or doing something to irritate them?”. Same thing you are talking about. No, I was simply riding my bike home from work, little to no traffic and minding my own darned business.

  5. pardon my typo..I meant “were” and put “where” I obviously didn’t proofread it before hitting send.

  6. I was hoping that was the case — but as I’m sure you know… welp, of course, bicycle riders are just more sensitive and aware (what’s the emoticon for a slightly haughty look? :))

  7. I will admit I got very angry when asked if I was doing something to cause two men to hurt me while riding my bike. I guess by riding we are “asking for it” in the minds of some.

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