Long way in :)

It was a little more work than it should have been ’cause, um, I haven’t topped up the tyres and I do believe that when it’s colder at night things shrink and swell more and especially shrink.  That back tire with 3000 miles on it still looks worn but intact.   Reckon I should check to see whether it’s a “hard case” – the ones that I usually replace when their layers are separating from themselves.  Would be foolish to wait for layers to separate if, in fact, there aren’t any…fortunately, the tailwind was strong enough so’s I could hold 20+ mph for most of the Northbound 5 miles.

Learned a little about Brakes and Adjusting Them at the bike coop, and (perhaps ’cause it wasn’t my bike ;P )  the bike I grabbed did work better after I’d done stuff than before.  Of course, that was only that one kind of brake, but the principles are the same.

Took 0.87 worth of aluminum cans to the Goat yesterday, only spilling them into an intersection on campus once.  (The big mesh laundry bag is a perfect conveyer, ‘cept it opens *very* easily, which is a good thing when you get there but a bad thing when you hit the 37th bump goin’ a tad too fast on campus).  Student helped me gather ’em up and I tied the string to something, and on my way.

LM_NET (librarians’ email list) had a “how to boost your resistance to H1N1.”   Number 4 on the list is to clean out the nostrils — with yoga and neti baths or by blowin’ hard.  SNOT ROCKETS RULE 🙂 🙂 🙂  (I managed to hold my wrists back from typing that to the librarian in question — I’m *workin’* on those social skills…)

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