hybrid noises

… no, not my bikes 😉  It’s in the news how Hollywood’s been recruited  to come up with noises for cars ’cause they’re too quiet.  People have questioned the need for “more noise,” but trains have done it for an awfully long time.

I did it tonight, though (made special noises because I was in a quiet hybrid)- taking off from home having quaffed a New Belgium “Hoptober,” which as I thought, I don’t care for particularly – citrus and beer just don’t gel in my palate well.  that car started backing out and I just hollered, without premeditation, HELLO!!!!  with a fair amount of indignation (but not the abject terror taht the jogger with the stroller did at me when I did the same thing in my ex-car… yes, my almosts are  one reason I ride…) and when the brake lights came on, a delighted “Thank you!” sprang from my lips, and I gave a neighborly wave in the darkness.  Score one for the mellowness of Hoptober, even if it tastes nasty (and, shucks, for the attempts at non-violent thought patterns… once again, I know why it’s old people who are wise.  So did Darwin do stuff he sucked at until he got better … and is a calm temperament necessary for calm wisdom?  Considering St. Francis and Thomas Merton, I think perhaps not, tho’ Francis I think was never *calm* – every bit as fervently ascetic as he’d been party animal…)

Went by Champaign Cycle to have my little standlight examined – the bulb is still there, but it isn’t getting voltage. I suspect that running the light under weird electrical circumstances (like when the bulb was burned out or something liek that) might have incapacitated the capacitor, so prob’ly not the stuff of warranty, but perhaps reparable. Larry was there in sutured glory, knee having a mess of stitches from his interaction with the SUV last Wednesday. We speculated that had it been a sedan, he’d have bounced around on the hood, so therefore SUVs should go. I’ll make sure to use my engine killer ray on vehicles with more dangerous grille stuff.

It’s drizzly and 43 so I’m not really inclined to go the extra 8 miles to get a quarter (25 miles) tonight for Pansy Palmetto’s thread over to bikejournal (though if I were inclined to think it would make her liver behave, I would do so! Die, rogue tumors, die!)

2 responses to “hybrid noises

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    Surly has a coffee beer out that tastes great!
    (that is, if you like the taste of coffee)
    Have them check the continuity of the wires from the hub to the light before they try anything else.

  2. Thing is, the big bright light is fine — it’s the itsy bitsy teeny weeny LED bulb that goes on when I stop that isn’t working. My miniscule knowledge of things battery includes the idea that rechargeable batteries don’t like to be charged “wrong” … and it would seem that this little LED that goes on when I stop would come under that category.

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