Dancin’ between the showers

No rain in the forecast today, tho’ some of the clouds are just a little heavy-hanging. I rode in the “long way,” on that weary rear tire, realizing that the northeast wind was mostly north, so I’d better use the East… had some good intervals getting the speed up to 14 for brief moments on the five miles of Due North on Rising Road.  (The car with vanity plate “JODEE”  did not pass me today, though. Was I early or late? Swine flu?)

Lovin’ the generator light (but I did remember to turn it off in the morning).  HOping the lack of the secondary teeny bulb isn’t doing bad electrical things.

Talk of a “women’s night” at the bike coop.  Love the idea, but not the exercise in irony that happens whenever I attempt mechanical things.   Hmmm… p’raps I should embrace it as I tried to in the Graphic Design class.  I mean, folks like Charles Darwin who were the genuine “renaissance man” — were they really, or did they have cognitive peaks and valleys which they chose to turn into piques and values?

2 responses to “Dancin’ between the showers

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    The only way you are going to get better at wrenchin’ is to turn some wrenches. Then again, there just are some people that should lay the wrenches to and back slowly away………

    So, are you a Wrenchin’ Wench, or a Backer Upper?

  2. Welp, practically speaking, when I walk in with a bike that works but has a problem and lay a wrench to it, I usually end up with a bike that doesn’t work at all, with more broken pieces. Takes me a while to get there ’cause I have to do it all the upside down and backwards ways, first.
    It does serve a purpose in that most folks can say, “Hey, I could do better than**that!**” and feel good about themselves.

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