Still drizzlin’

Wow.  The Nobel Peace Prize.  Just. Wow.

Van from Rick Riding Chevrolet did a little chicken playing with me on Main and whatever that street is by St. Pat’s at the four-way.  I did an almost-stop well befoer he got there, kept to an almost *because* if I’d done full step-down those three seconds would have brought him to the intersection… and he sort of almost braked some and kept moving.  I had also gone far to the left as always (it’s not as if there’s any other traffic at all at 7:30 a.m.) and heard myself call out “hello! It’s called a stop sign!”  and appreciating the irony that he was almost certianly feeling all kinds of “outrage” because I hand’t come to a complete stop, and hoping to get to where what I’d say under the duress would be something more akin to “Kindly wait your turn!”    Miss Manners meets cycling…

Rode the big bike on the grounds that it *should* stop raining and it’s Friday so I should have time to take rags and wipe its little metal parts down and add a little lube.

One response to “Still drizzlin’

  1. I know *exactly* what you mean about the almost stop at four-ways so the oncoming driver doesn’t get pscyhed out and then he proceeds anyway and possibly is ticked at the cyclist who didn’t stop even though the cyclist had the right of way.

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