Damp around the edges

Nope, the rain did not deign to refrain ’til I got my commute in.  Whilst I successfully got my wheel with new Sturmey-Archer hub (provided free of charge by SA – guess they considered the previous one’s failures warrantable and sent it without questions) installed, the light doesn’t work… will try to find my spare bulb that’s wrapped in paper towel somewhere in the house and fight harder that anticipation of having a generator light again and just being able to get on the bike and go.

Rode the Dahon in this a.m., I suspect because I didn’t want to get the Xtra’s new chain and wheel and cassette adn everything all soaked.  Dahon’s under the desk and I *will*find a rag to daub its little chain, I will.  Fortunately it was 52 degrees so it was a comfortable, fun showery ride.

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