Greenbelt Sun-Dried Garmenture Society Drill Team

Greenbelt Sun-Dried Garmenture Society Drill Team


Ode to Walk Drying
by Jim Cohen

Everybody knows when you wash your clothes
That you got two ways you can dry ’em.
Put ’em in a dryer or hang on ’em a wire
We got a third way — why not fly ’em?!

We hang our stuff but that’s not enough
To make us feel really fine.
So we pick up our poles and take a stroll;
In other words we walk the line.

Line walk drying is satisfying
’cause we don’t use electricity
We are green but sometimes seen
As tinged with eccentricity.

Your dryer makes lint and here’s a little hint —
It happens when your clothes disintegrate!
Walked on the line, they last a long time,
And so will you ’cause you’ll get into shape.

A dryer’s a newfangled Bermuda Triangle
That makes your socks just disappear.
If you walk on the line, you can watch ’em all the time
And make sure they just stay right here!

You’ll be a stud when you walk your duds,
Struttin’ your stuff while you talk and laugh.
You’ll walk strong the whole day long
Stopping only to sign autographs.

So we’re not lazy and we’re not crazy —
Relying on the sun is nothing new.
It’s really true — dry walk gives you
Anything a tumble dryer can do
and more …
such as …

Spin dry
Blow dry
Freeze dry
Gentle dry
Dry heave
Do a dry run!

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