roundabout attitudes

Couple times in the past week I’ve had communicative encounters at four-way stops wherein both parties proceeded safely without stopping.  Made me ponder that if there were roundabouts, people might end up doing more ‘mutual yielding’ at four-ways… and then… I thought, after roundabouts are in, perhaps… somebody could introduce the utterly radical thought that sometimes “yield” might be enough.  Ya know, once the brain had softened to let the idea in…

Nice day today, so I rode in long.  Now I’m tired (and my elbows are hot, which means my system’s taxed). Oh, and I my riding in clothes are still rolled up and wet in the bag… good thing there’s a spare shirt if it gets cold again 🙂

Oh, and Dan and Anona Have Arrived!  Go see 😉

Sigh, K24 8034 cut me off almost enough to notify public safety… and I was inspired enough to turn into the parking lot and catch her cruising for a spot and ask her to please not cut me off… and then that she should hang up and drive, since she was still too busy talking to notice.  Oh, and I plopped one of those fliers with “motorist violations” on her windshield, though alas I laced a pen to fill it in.  I thank Mr. Davis of the wacky emails for me not being in “escalation” mode, but somewhere in between (my tone was not quite “please, kindly”).

2 responses to “roundabout attitudes

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    My Dear Nordic Sister,

    I would have yelled at her. Repeatedly.

  2. I’m *workin’* at it 😉 I *was* yelling… only the words were mellow, and the “You should hang up and drive!” was anything but. Still, I left off the b word at the end… do I get credit for that?

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