oh, I am not going to waste time further wiht the “medical proffessional” who emailed that prez at prairie cycle club to tell me “you guys” have a “bad reputation” among other cyclists, ex-racers such as him. I replied assuming he might be making sense and agreeing that cycling groups *can* be a hazard,m and he replied as if I were an ally … but telling his story of,basically, buzzing a cyclist taking up too much of the lane in his opinion… and since his justifications were not taht the guy was really too far out there, but entirely focused on the idea that elderly drivers can’t help thenmselves and therefore we should make room for them, with references to neighborhoods I never heard of because it would seem this guy also didn’t do his homework about which prairie, where… oh, I’m overreacting, now – so I told him that yes, that was the typical reactin of the person with teh power.. and that while I didn’t hold much hope for his generation, advocates world wide were working to change perceptiosn (and people once thought drunk driving was something overreacted to).

Weather has improved 🙂

Neighbor seems to have taken up learning bagpipes , snork…

LOTS of people out on bikes.

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