Fall comes blasting in…

Decided I really hadn’t left early enough to go the long way in with 15-20 mph headwinds.  Alas, I could have… but Did Stuff Around The House instead.  (Would have been fine with no wind, but I did the math – that extra mile per minute per 15 miles, assuming itwouldn’t apply to five of ’em…)

Lotsa bikes out there. There was a mess on University as they’re paving the way from the INterstate into town (where it changes from being an interstate to being University ave).  Seemed nobody was allowed to go straight on Country Fair… but cars *were* coming from the other direction, and that fresh fresh asphalt was just as fresh, eh?  Cars were turning around in midlane and … a sweet guy on a motorcycle blocked for me so I could cut over it and do the sidewalk thing and then cut back onto the road.  Note to self:  go either CHurch or the Real Long Way, not the sorta long way (tho’ I did get my 77 cents from my 100 cans at the Goat, and that was fun ;)).

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