Communicating with women…

Okay, mebbe it wasn’t a gender issue, but mebbe it was.

So I’m riding home aand I spot a cyclist iin my mirror and she’s wroking *hard* behind me.  Usually, I do believe, that”s what people do when they want to pass me … and then they often don’t sustain it. I put forth extra effort. Then it’s a stop sign and I’m behind a car and WHIZ! she’s peeling by me,s inches away, on my right.  A syllable escapes from my mouth which I successfully distorted so that it didn’t *really* rhyme with itch, and I though t “okay, a guerrilla bikerette — I won’t have to worry about her, ’cause she’ll run the light at Pennsylvania or at least be thus poised.”

Nope. She stops behind a car. I think she scoots out first (I hung back), but then I’m gaining on her… and she says “would you like to pass?”  in a ridiculously cheery, friendly voice.  I’m pretty sure she gave me a friendly greeting before, not after, I lamely said, in attempt for the only word out of my mouth to have been not one I wish to be remembered for, “you know, if you raise your seat a tad, you’ll get more power and it will be easier to ride.”   I pondered the ssincerity of her greeting, especially if I hadn’t really distorted…

Then she says “you have a good evening!”  so I think, “she’s turning off…” so I back off a tad… and only a tad.. and she’s zipping by me on my right again.  So in my, unfortunately, probably good imitatin of the wicked witch of the west, say “You’re supposed to say “on your left” or something when you’re going by…” and she says wiht a laugh “you mean, on your right”  and I was compelled to say “No, ’cause you really shouldn’t pass on thright (tho’ I was out there in the lane… but of course, had she said onyerleft, I’d have moved over…)

Welp, then I just sprint.  Even feet in mouth I can do that, and not really look like I am sprinting since I am in that big gear 😉  dang it, Vine makes me stop and she has not turned yet. Welp, I look her straight in the eye and say how much I hate getting a cross there, and she smiles all friendly and says yea, it takes a while.

Gotta work on my womanners…

One response to “Communicating with women…

  1. theys tricky I tell ya!

    At least you have the luck to have fine ladies cycling around, all I get are the university students and when I am 1/2 mile off campus I get cars and maybe 1-2 old men. Sigh, thankful I have a lovely lady in my life but none the less 😛

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