and time to be HOME.

Yesterday I got to see how some of the other fractions live – cruised the “art gallery” possible route trying to see riding through a “sunday rider’s” lens.  Then we did the CCB meeting and I got to ride home through campus early enough to experience what Joyce had described on Green STreet — the utter clottitude and taking three cycles to get through a light.  Part of me files it under “rush hour commute – accept and mutter” — which, of course, is exactly what I pontificate against to people who don’t break their own chains to try stuff 😉

Also saw some odd sights, including a bus stuffed with people… honestly, it looked liked they’d been stuffed in there ’cause many of them were at weird angles… and mostly wearing plaid flannel shirts.  Some kind of flannel following cult?  No name on the bus…

Going to adjust my silly seat one more time… but probably going to be shopping.  If I wanted to spend inordinate amounds of dough, I bet I’d like a Brooks saddle with this model of How They Work:  The Selle people knew people for whom it took forever to break in a Brooks saddle, so they designed their “already broken in” model.  People who’d ride hard enough to break in a Brooks saddle, though, mauybe just break *down* those little things.  So maybe a Brooks would feel like the Selle Anatomica did when it was newer, but for longer.

I just want a saddle I can get more than 5,000 miles out of.  Same with bearings in my hub.  But I’ll ride home and post about htat.

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