“design ideas”

When i’ve been riding in since the Student Influx, I have been seeing bicycle after bicycle parked here and there, on racks, on trees, on railings.

It brings to mind the article that posted that providing parking for bicycles could be very encouraging because of both its practicality — that finding a safe place to store a reasonably nice bike is, in fact, an important issue – and because it sends the message that cycling is normal and supported.

While performing the songs and dances and rituals to encourage that kind of infrastructure change, though, I wonder if one of those “I’mgoing to have a design contest” groups or people might just encourage designing something to solve the parking problem on a smaller scale.  Really nice bikes get nastified in the rain and out in the open.   A tarp’s a bit unweildy, and what do I do with it while I”m riding?  Lockers are ‘spensive and use lots of resources.  Is there something I could stick under the porch… ?

There was something else I wanted to design, too, but I can’t remember what it was.

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