Time to go viral

… or is it virile?  (Got an email that our student worker would be out ’til next week with a virile infection — no, I don’t know the origin of the homophonia, ’cause she might have just called it in, but it was good for a laugh.)

I link to Tour de Fat, as in Fat Tire Beer, on Facebook and they bring all their tour stuff to MAJOR CITIES and they just had a huge “bike parade” in Fort Collins.    How many viral requests would it take to get ’em to swing down to these parts?


2 responses to “Time to go viral

  1. The Fat Tire thing started in Ft Collins because New Belgium is headquartered there.

    Dictionary.com tells me virus comes from a Greek word for poison by way of Latin, while virile comes from the Latin word for “manly.” Ah well.

    • Bikejournal.com had a bit of a gathering in Fort Collins with Fat Tire Giveaways, so I’m familiar with that (and their nifty bike-commute video. They *do* take their entourage on the road – I think they should include more than the Major Metro places and let themselves be embraced by the ‘heartland’ -or cornland… or perhaps it’s the quadland or the lungland 😉 (Why aren’t there metaphors about lungs? “He is the lungs of our organization!” Is it their plurality that means the metaphor fails to resonate?)

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