“chic cycling”

I’m seeing more cyclists — tho’ at the just-after-dark time, I think I’m seeing more lightless wanderers.  I suspect the riders who know they’ll be out at 9 are more likely to have lights, and the fokls who have been riding in the summer and night is creeping in on their time zones are thinking “well, it’s just a *little* darker than yesterday.”  Of course, dusk is worse than dark, sad to say.

Also seen more ‘dressed like regular’ riders, including “higher-end” regular, including ties.  Alas, also seeing people ridign while smoking and/or primping hair… now, when I see somebody actually trying to get out of pantyhose on the bike, I’ll be impressed (a college friend confessed she *had* done that in the car with cruise control between CHarlottesville and Richmond on I-64… I suppose we should all be grateful that it was acknowledged as “really stupid move that nobody got killed doing” as opposed to a dare to surpass…)

Missed the horn several times in the last 24 hours.  Nothing *too* close — right hookers, and a couple of people approaching stop signs awfully fast. Might just replace that cheap thing.


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