another sunny day for a bike ride ;)

I got out a little early ’cause I’m going to *try* to Always Do At LEast 25 Miles.  (urg, even on Sundays that are often my rest day, unless I feel like resting ;)). Then I recalled the ‘can video my back on the way home’ and went back to snag camera.

Unsuccessful at locating the cute little brown bag that has my keys… and no, it wasn’t sitting here on my desk waiting for me as I’d hoped 😦 😦 😦  Yea, it’s almost certainly stuffed in a bag…  but the point is to know where those hummers are at all times, as in, not to lose them.  Ah, well, lofty goals take time, eh?

Yesterday’s search items included “dog xtracycle” — hmmm…. thinking of barking at ’em or riding in them?  WHat makes me think the latter?  and “urbana dump” … hmmm…  oh, and “Bret Buganski,” as in the “reporter” whodidn’t  check facts before broadcasting dangerously plausible-sounding  anti-cyclist road-rage-encouraging balderdash.  (Okay, maybe sometime I will tell you how I really feel ;))  And  something about bells required by law… wondering about that one, too.

Some poor soul is getting to Parkland via Mattis and Bradley – probably the sidewalks.  Too far ahead for me to chat up, but we’ll see.


One response to “another sunny day for a bike ride ;)

  1. Cycling is indeed a great exercise. And 25 miles per day is a good figure.

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