My locked-into-linear brain had a revelation:  I can just as easily record my ride *home* as my ride to work, and do a circle on Church and University. Advantages would be:  more traffic and no worrying about getting to work on time.

I can tell that I am riding sans safety flag and sans horn, but so far I haven’t had situations where I’d really need to use either.  (However, it’s only been four days.)

Yesterday I rode past a Polar bottle and pondered returning for it and forgot.  Today it was still there.  Now it’s mine.  Happily its contents are water (or, perhaps, vodka — but a clear liquid ;)) — it’s not brand new ’cause it’s got bottle cage marks on it.

Full moon ride perhaps Saturday 🙂  If I can get a century out of Monday that would make for a good September start, which would be absolutely necessary to stay ahead of that Howard dude who’s but a few paces behind me on the charts. (Haven’t seen Nancyboy on my page forever.)


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