Whew! Busy! Busy!

Here’s a time when a person *might* think there jus twasn’t enough time to commute by bicycle.   Fact is, though, that I am more functional and healthy so that I save more time being more efficient… and being less cranky.   Theory:  practice attending to lots of stimuli on the road makes it less stressful to attend to similar stuff at work.

15+ fellow cyclists on the way in (3 on sidewalk, rest on the road).  Other day I was going down State Street and a fellow came up the wrong way.  I gave my very, very sternest slow headshake, in my utter dismay… and then heard him laughing gently to himself after he passed.  I was bemused… then suspected it had something to do with the fact that while I had done my best “stern look,” I’d forgotten to undo my “riding into the wind face,” which happens to be a rather wide grin.  Um,  nonverbal communication is not a strength here 😉

Passed a slow-moving Townie rider on Washington, and she got into tthe straight-and-left lane… to the honking dismay of the driver behind her.  She called to him that she in that lane ’cause she wasn’t turning right… I rode with her for the next block in solidarity  ’til the driver turned off into teh school  and wondered if she’d considered doing the “kinda between the lanes” thing I do, or whether she was fearful of being passed too closely, and would this pass with experience?

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