Those traffic lights

… okay, I *didn’t* call 333-8911 to report that the signal at country fair & bradley may be hinky.  I know it was when I came by, as it had been once int he summer when the lady at the front informed me taht she’d been sitting there for 10 minutes.  I hit the pedestrian button and voila!  …

… this time,  drivers weren’t waiting for ten minutes (a good thing, to my mind – when The System  fails, don’t sit on your tails!)  but yea, it was a long line… but, alas, my anticipated Moment In Glory didn’t happen because there was a good 30-second further delay waiting for the yellow after I hit “cross Bradley.”

Then I went across Country Fair (not caring to make a left turn from the right sidewalk) and hit “walk” on that side… and *everybody* got red while the walk light went on.  Oops.  Rode down to the college entrance and crossed and rode back up and the light had gon egreen again, so mebbe it had gotten back into the swing of things.  I hit “walk” on the far side to make sure at least one more group got through and headed back in.

I wonder how often traffic lights lose that sensitivity — hmmm… and how easily it could be disrupted. Could a small-scale civic

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