Extreme xtracycle …

Yea, I took off this a.m. and rode out to Philo in the tailwind. Roads are good; railroad on the road past the slab is very nicely, freshly asphalted for which I am grateful.

Perhaps I should be grateful to Extreme Home Makeover – their presence might have been the impetus for such smooth traveling.   I went into PHilo the back way and didn’t see anything – but turns out they’re on the North side of town after all.  I was aiming for Casey’s and saw “security,” and since this was an excuse for a ride, not a desire to get fifteen seconds on camera or, I don’t know, snatch a nail as a souvenir (snork, I did that Wednesday but that tire’s fixed now, thank you), I turned around and figured I’d take the next road.  Welp, I could see a guy hin high viz on the next block from there, too… but the next road was Da Busy Road (150?).  So I turned in and cruised… right on by Mr. Security, who was disinterested enough to not even look at me and wasn’t even facing me, despite my big ol’ high viz jacket and safety flag and… um, yea.   I looked almost more like a security patrol than he did.

I had to get back in time for church, against teh wind, so I didn’t take advantage of my disguise.  I turned left and went back out past the next security guys who, yes, did look at me with and called out “keep warm!”  … so I wonder if they *do* have bicycle messengers on site and, if so, whether they should be encouraged to get Xtracycles and if not, whether they should be enocuaraged to do so?  I thought of having four of us gear up and descend on them as the “xtracycle recycling crew” and collect their snack debris (and then maybe gather it all together to impress them with the hazards of disposable containers). 

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