Culture shift :)

Riding home from church I saw across lincoln an assembly of cyclists on the sidewalk. Getting ready to depart for…?  Nay, as I went by I saw they were listening attentively to… I stopped and the speaker paused and regarded me, then continued.  I eavesdropped unabashedly to her saga about the house they were in front of, which I pass on my daily commute and have watched grow and change.  Evidently there were assorted lawsuits regarding the right of the property owner to tear a house down, or perhaps the lack thereof; then legal squabbles about the nature of the house being built and whether it had enough windows on the sides and a nice enough porch on the front. It’s incomplete because there is still squabble about siding; the city doesn’t want vinyl siding, so … nothing’s happening.

It gladdens my heart when people do things on bicycles – as a practical way of getting from point a to point b and c, de, and eee.

In the meantime the City of CHampaign, of course, won’t let the Safe Haven Community stay in tents becasue they can’t allow people to live in tents for “health and safety reasons.”  Of course, it’s so much safer for you to be Out Of My SIght, Thank YOu.

School is starting and with it speculation about flu epidemics.   Let us all wash our hands of as many things as possible, now 🙂

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