Geritol moment

Yea, you can still get Geritol.  Good grief, amidst all the other pharmaceutical ads and no Geritol?

So I’m blaming hte sun in my eyes and iron-poor blood for almost running over Champaign Cycle employee tryin’ to get home (missed his predecessors).  I apologize – the reason is no excuse.

Several compliments on my “nice folder.”  Still I need to fix the Xtracycle tyre, but I”m going to make it an early night.  Hey, I’ll do that at the coop tomorrow… which just might remind me to track down the weird hub part I need.

It’s *chilly.*  And August.  🙂

Good sleeping weather 🙂

One response to “Geritol moment

  1. Chilly here too…good sleeping weather too I guess…damn, you’re optimistic. I’m all it’ssupposedtobehotinAugust!

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