itty bitty folding bike

Yes, I rode over a nail on the way home. The big fat Dutch Commuter tyre on the front gave me two miles *after* I stopped to discern that source of the “clunk, clunk, clunk” that I knew was something impaled in the tire (and it’s not knobby enough to grab pebbles for the most part).

This a.m. it was the folding bke.  Felt incredibly invisible despite doing all the usual strategies … and driver activity bore that out. Used my words (“HELLO!” was the word) with the guy on McKinley (me on Church) on my left who stopped and then was going to proceed… the one with the huge trailer behind him who also completely failed to see me when until he was also proceeding out to make his right turn just got a look.  Both cases they were driving reasonably sanely — “just” not seeing things like full grown women on bicycles out in the middle of the road (you *bet* I was out in the middle for Mr. Right, ’cause I was on my way out of his trajectory entirely).

Didn’t have to use words on the lady who accelerated to run the light on Church and State… saw her slam on the brakes and split-second-speculated taht she decided it was poor form to run lights because of caution, and prepared to give her a “yes, that’s right, I am here and deeply appreciate your permission for my survival” look … but the real reason for her heavy brake job was the Champaign Cop right next to her addressing her through the window.

They’re back!And yes, I want my BIG FLOPPY XTRACYCLE.  CCB meeting tonight but we’ll see if I can get it fixed, somehow, anyway, in the meantime.

Going to inquire about what the definition of “dealer order” is for flash flags tod ay… and inquire about hub parts for wheels. Winter is coming and I need the Gazelle operational.

Found the directions *and* had ’em emailed to me… and it seems the screws are too shrot on the foxfire bike assembly.

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