Flats in threes?

So, I’m cruisin’ down country fair and there’s a Guy in a Vest with a flat.  He seemed resigned to a long walk… no spare tube…

So then I went up First Street ’cause I wanted to check out the bike detour and this guy went from sidewalk to bike lane… then he was goin’ so slowly that he saw me and went back to the sidewalk and I said “Gotta get air in that tire!” and he said somehting friendly back, but that back tire was rully rully low… and then after doing that cruise thing I heard something going clunk clunk clunk and yea, there was a big   fat   nail   in my tire so I rode pretty fast for the next 2 miles and walked the last .5 when there wasn’t any air left.  I gotta say I like the Big Dutch Tires ’cause it really honestly did take that long for the air to go out wkth a big honkin’ nail in there.

Then figured it was time to stick the Foxfire on … oh, the Dahon.

Welp, need to email them.  That Brilliant looking Bike Mount… is designed so that the screws can’t get threaded into it.  Mebbe I am missing a step.  Looks like you should just pop out the screws that hold the magnet on, put ’em on the other side of the plastic holder that pops right onto the light an dhas two big screw holes right there, but the screw holes have a little thing sticking out just long enough … to keep the screw from getting into the light far enough to hold the two of ’em together.

So, mirabile dictu, I found the gorilla tape … but that wasn’t going to do it.  But the Lock Laces had arrived, so I managed to get something to get the light strapped to the back rack.  Looks like tomorrow iwll be a folding day 😉  Today I missed the storms ’cause I waited ’em out (htey were gone by 5:30 — not *far* gone; if I were 50 miles East it’s probly still raining, ’cause I can see the darkness)

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